For over 30 years Product Developers at Allen Flavors have honed their skills, combining an extensive knowledge of beverage ingredients with an artisan’s palate to become industry leaders in beverage development.


“Give us a concept and we’ll give you a product ready for bottling” is our well-worn mantra that has succinctly defined the ‘start to finish’ capabilities provided by our Beverage Creation Team.


Allen Flavors’ team of talented health conscious Food Scientists are well versed in the myriad of unique ingredients currently inundating the Health & Wellness industry. In either liquid or powder form, our experts are adept at formulating finished products that not only pinpoint desired functionalities, but taste great too.


Allen Flavors boasts an extensive list of TTB approved flavors to complement any alcoholic product. Wine & beer, vodka & gin, moonshine & whiskey, are all perfect carriers for the next flavored alcohol sensation. Our team pushes the boundaries on traditional tastes with custom designed alcoholic blends integrating our world-class flavors, coffee & tea extracts, aromatic botanicals & dairy cream bases as needed. Our experienced Product Development team has considerable knowledge in the formulation of alcoholic beverages and we are proud of multiple award-winning custom creations within the Spirits industry.


Venturing beyond our winning expertise in the beverage sector, Allen Flavors has found great success in the bakery aisles. Trust Allen Flavors to perfectly flavor your candies, fruit preps, syrups, yogurts and baked goods.