Nutritional Beverages

Allen Flavors’ team of talented health conscious Food Scientists are well versed in the myriad of unique ingredients currently inundating the Health & Wellness industry. In either liquid or powder form, our competent developers can masterfully formulate finished products that not only pinpoint desired functionalities but taste great too.


Adept at matching the perfect flavor profiles to various botanicals and protein sources, whether Organic or conventional, our expert Product Developers are also well acquainted with the processing of Nutritional Ready-to-Drink beverages in multiple packaging options. Utilizing our in-house microthermics unit, we are even able to mimic aseptic processing.


Whether utilizing standard proteins like whey & soy or plant based options like pea, pumpkin and rice, the Beverage Development gurus at Allen Flavors are ready to create your canister mix or stick packs. Our aromatic powdered flavors blend smoothly, masking even the most pungent proteins. Organic or conventional, dairy or allergen free, vitamin and/or mineral fortified, count on the Allen Flavors Team to formulate the perfect nutritional blend.